The F.U.S.E. (Foundations for Understanding Social Engagement) School is a preschool – 1st grade school thirty minutes from Boston in Lexington, MA specializing in social and emotional development and empowering children to successfully engage with peers and communities.

FUSE School has an innovative curriculum focusing on mindfulness, social collaboration, perspective taking, mindfulness, sensory integration and emotional regulation.  We educate typical children and children with social challenges (such as ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Social Communication disorder and more) . We offer preschool, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st grade, after school social groups, vacation camps, and summer camp.

FUSE Early Childhood Mission

As a child psychologist, I have had many years of experience working with young children both in schools and privately and it has been a dream of mine to be able to create an early education environment that nurtures each child’s social and emotional growth. A place where parents can feel confident to send their child, where he/she can become a competent and successful individual and social problem solver in the world. I have brought together not only an amazing team of experts from all domains of child development, but also a perfect FUSEion of approaches to curriculum, to create a preschool experience that supports the WHOLE child.

My goal is to support every child during the preschool and kindergarten experience so he/she can transition to their next school successfully!

Children for FUSE School

The F.U.S.E.  Early Childhood School has a preschool, pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms.  We pride ourselves on a small ratio of children to teachers: in the preschool it is 6 to 7 children to two teachers; in the kindergarten it is 8 students to two teachers; and in the 1st grade it is 10 children to 2 teachers. Our reason for the small ratio is to highlight and spotlight the social problem solving moments that occur at any point during the day. In addition, many times during the day when new skills are being worked on (such as verbalizing a plan to a friend or communicating for collaboration) the class will divide into smaller groups, each facilitated by a teacher. We have observed that children are more apt to internalize new strategies if the amount of visual and verbal processing they are trying to take in/divide out is reduced significantly. Each class emphasizes an integrated model with both typically developing children and children with social challenges.  Children can begin at the age of 3 and remain through 1st grade.

 Each child must come to the FUSE Program for an initial intake prior to acceptance,  to make sure he/she will benefit from FUSE and be a good fit with our program.



Lauren Weeks Psy.D., child psychologist, founder and director, started the early childhood program as a fulfillment of her dream to create a place utilizing her years of expertise with preschool aged children and specialized training in social / emotional relationships.

Dr. Weeks brings in specialists across all domains of child development to support and nurture the WHOLE child. Specialists will work directly with the children in the classroom and consult directly to the teachers on a weekly basis!

  • Karen Levine, Ph.D. author of REPLAYS, trains and consults to staff on her work around emotional regulation and anxiety in children.
  • Brooke Collier and Margeaux Ivins, Speech and Language Pathologists, conduct individual and dyad sessions with children focusing on social pragmatic communication.
  • Anastasia Ivanenko and Mila Teshler, Occupational Therapists, observe in the classroom, provide services to students, consult with teachers to input regulatory practices and occupational therapy exercises into the classroom curriculum.


FUSE Facility

The F.U.S.E. Program  is in a brand new facility located at 110 Hartwell Ave. Suite 100 (For directions, click here) right off Route 95.   We have numerous spacious classrooms and a large movement room/sensory room which we use daily.  We also have a private, large outdoor space equipped with an appropriate preschool-sized climbing structure, swings, and yard to run and play games.  There is also a vegetable garden which the children will be maintaining and gardening during the year.


Progress & Data

Each child will have a daily communication log that travels between the teacher and parent.  The teacher will communicate daily how the child performed on their specific goals and strengths and weaknesses within the day. Parents will have a quarterly meeting with Lauren Weeks and their child’s teacher to go over progress, update goals, and plan for the following quarter.



The F.U.S.E.  Early Childhood School is a five day a week program.  All Preschool classes hours are 9:00 – 2:45 with an early release 12:00 dismissal every Thursday.  Kindergarten and 1st grade hours are 8:30 – 2:45 with an early release 12:00 dismissal on Thursday. There is optional extended day until 5:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for an additional charge.

Insurance reimbursement is a possibility for insurances who allow reimbursement for out of network psychologists. You can call your insurance and ask specifically if they reimburse for out of network psychological services.