Example from Fall Theme – 

The children worked together to make a fall tissue paper tree. Each child had a pile of colored tissue paper and we had just one tree branch. The friend with the branch had to use his/her eyes to look at another friend at the table and if that friend was using his/her eyes to “think of the person with the branch” (look at them) the branch was passed. It was then that friends turn to add a colored piece of tissue. This was a fun way to practice using our eyes for social referencing!


Example from Thanksgiving –

Hand Print Turkeys. First, the children were paired with a partner. They took turns painting their partner’s hand to make a print and then they had a turn putting their own hand in the paint to make a print. The papers then traveled around the table to other classmates so each friend had their hand print, as well as, their classmate’s hand prints to create their own turkey farm. With different partners, they decided which eyes, beaks and wattle to add. They came out so colorful and creative!!!

Lori comes to FUSE twice a week to work on social thinking in individualized play sessions and classroom based groups. Lori’s goals with her work at FUSE is to help our students become more flexible thinkers, understand one another’s point of view, learn strategies to cope with big emotions, and to gain motivation to seek out the intentions of others. Overall Lori’s sessions create positive memories of peer interactions which promote experience sharing and build strong peer relationships in the classroom.

Tail Tag!
Each friend gets a partner and every child gets a tail connected to their pants. The game is tag where everyone tries to pull a tail from another friend. The challenge is every friend has to stay with their partner. They have to work together and move together to try to avoid getting their tails taken and, even more fun, try to pull a friends tail!
Sports takes place every other week in our large indoor hall or outside when the weather allows.

Caitlin runs our preschool and kindergarten music class every other week. Caitlin brings with her a suitcase of instruments and a ton of fun. She teaches songs with movements which work on regulation and invites the group onto her dancing rug to practice having safe bodies while dancing with a group.

Mindful moving – The group talks about movement and isolating body parts and how different body parts move in different ways. The group talks about how the body can move fast, slow, and in different directions. They practice pretending to move through different substances such as water, sand, mud, and how their body moves and feels in these different substances.