Both of my sons attend F.U.S.E. preschool.  The small classrooms, experienced staff, and emphasis on social skills, emotional regulation, and body regulation are exactly what my sons need to feel competent and safe and to be receptive to learning.  The teachers send home a daily communication binder full of information about how the day went and how I can implement strategies and techniques at home.  My children look forward to going to school each morning.  They are learning that when they regulate their bodies and practice flexible thinking, everything is more fun!


FUSE preschool is not only teaching my son important pre-academic skills, it is teaching him kindness and consideration, and how to be mindful of his own thoughts and emotions. We looked far and wide for a school that would help our sweet, smart, but impulsive son succeed, and finally we have found it in FUSE. Most importantly, our son loves going to school every day, and we love seeing him blossom. FUSE is an extraordinary preschool for extraordinary kids.


If you are looking for a warm, engaging, caring environment for your child, this is it! My son comes home each day excited to share the days events. Thank you Lauren!


FUSE preschool is focused on all the right things: changing the way my son wants to interact with other kids and the world, rather than simply attempting to modify his behavior. Lauren Weeks and all of the teachers at FUSE work with kindness, a great sense of fun and humor, and an approach to kids on the spectrum that goes way beyond the ABA used in traditional schools. I have never felt happier sending my son anywhere.